Count-it Contact Lens Case

  • The “only” contact lens case with an innovative built-in counter!
  • Count-it tracks every time you open the case and shows how many days of usage you have left.
  • Count-it does the work for you!
  • Compact, durable and easy to use
  • Solid, leak-proof case

Only $6.99 each

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What about keeping my lens case clean – surely this is important?
Lens case hygiene is one of the most frequently overlooked aspects of lens hygiene. On lens insertion, contact lens cases must be emptied of solution, rinsed with fresh disinfecting solution and left to air dry on a daily basis. A dry case is important as microbes cannot multiply in dry conditions. Cases should be replaced frequently, ideally monthly. Your optometrist will give you more information on the importance of following proper cleaning procedures. If you properly follow your optometrist's recommendations, you will enjoy the convenience and clear vision of your contact lenses without any interruptions because of an eye infection.